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Planning your wedding during a Pandemic? Stressed and unsure of what to do? Read here for all of the information you need!

As a wedding photographer I know of some of the most beautiful Michigan wedding venues. This is a list of my top 10 favorites that make for stunning photos!

Before we begin, I think it is important we all take a big deep breath. This is hurting us all in some way but we can find the good in the Covid-19 Virus outbreak even when it seems hard to. So remember in the midst of it all there is good in this too. We […]

groom wearing a bold bowtie and getting ready for his wedding

This is the 411 on the best bowties. So whether you’re a groomsman, groom, bride wearing a pantsuit, or someone just wanting to get a little fancy-schmancy, you’re in luck because you’ve hit the jackpot on bold and fun bowties! This will tell you all about standing out with bold bowties and how to even […]


Your Partner gets on one Knee and pops the Question Your Instagram page blows up with the announcement post. The feels rush in and it is suddenly real. You are getting married. A month passes and you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and lost while wedding planning. Suddenly you have to step into the role of a […]

What if I told you my best tip to allow you to stress less while wedding planning and allow to have more time to do the fun parts of planning? Find it out!

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