Things Engaged Couples do that Wedding Photographers Love

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I have never been asked this one question before…

I got off the most lovely consultation call the other day. The couple kindly asked me, “Is there anything we can do that you’ve loved when other past engaged couples have done or made your job easier?” I thought, “Wow what an absolutely thoughtful question!”

Here are some tips to make your wedding photographers love you!

Tip #1: When you have questions ask questions. I see all of the time engaged couples searching Facebook groups for answers from other engaged clueless couples. Use your resources! We want to help! We are here to help! Ask all of your questions & use your vendors as a resource.

Tip #2: Have great communication with us. We do our best to have good communication on our end but it is your job to keep us in the loop of your wedding plans and adjustments as well. If something changes in your plans – reach out!

Tip #3: Include us in on your plans when beneficial. If there is an opportunity to include your wedding photographer in on a decision you’re making that will impact their work or service – reach out and have a conversation about their thoughts or advice. Often times they can tell you how photos will be impacted with the decision you’re making. Including your wedding photographer in on what getting ready space you choose will make them so happy. This allows us to guide you to getting the best photos and space for photos!

Bridesmaids laugh in front of a fall trees while in detroit michigan.

Are you understanding yet that communication is key on both ends?

Tip #4: If you don’t like something or don’t like something about yourself in photos, let us know! Wedding photographers love honesty – trust me on it. There is nothing worse than heading afterwards “I hate how I look when I’m doing a serious face.” If we knew that before the session we’d have you smiling the whole time!

Tip #5: Write reviews for the engagement session and wedding day. Include it on the same post whether you use (Google, Yelp, or Facebook.) They will use that on their website to reassure more clients that were in the same boat as you! Explain in the review how they made you feel, how you felt the value was, how you liked their experience, and why or why not you’d recommend them to someone else. If you wouldn’t recommend them I highly suggest you reach out to have a conversation about what you didn’t like.

Maybe there’s a part two on the way? 😉

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