3 Must-Know Tips for Successful Wedding Planning

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You’ve been longing for the day you will stumble upon getting proposed to. The reality of being engaged arrives quicker than you ever anticipated. It happens, and now what? How do you plan a wedding? How do you master wedding planning when you’ve never planned one?

Both families suddenly have one million questions about where and when the wedding will be. On top of all of the questions, you are working on settling into being engaged with your partner and preparing for marriage. Let’s dive into my 3 tips for a perfect day.

Creating a Budget

Creating a budget acts as a guide to your planning journey so that you may step into marriage feeling confident in your finances and what you invested in your wedding. It will allow you to enjoy your wedding day without feeling guilty and will provide clarity. The biggest thing when making a budget is to be fully honest with yourself. Hiring a planner will help you make an accurate and realistic budget in relation to what you envision. A planner can help guide you along the way and ensure your budget is aligned with what you want the day to be like. Oftentimes, couples do not realize just how much their Pinterest board will actually cost. It is incredibly important to be realistic in this department.

Discovering your Priorities

Once you create a budget, you can decide where you want to allocate more or less money. It helps you discover your priorities ultimately. When considering vendors, you will have a guide to knowing how all of your vendors will fit into that overall budget. Do you care most about looking your best? Maybe the dress, makeup, and hair are the most important. Do you care most about how you will remember the day for years to come? Maybe photography and videography are the most important. These are the exact questions to consider with your partner! PS. You can both look your best and love how you get to remember your wedding day for years to come. Both can be true at the same time if you budget correctly and realistically!

Determining the Vibe for your Wedding

Lastly, determine the overall vibe for your wedding day. Ask yourselves, How do I want the day to feel? Do I want my photographs spread out throughout the day as little moments away from the party to breathe and soak it all in, or do I want a hard emphasis on candid moments and minimal time away from the party? Do we view this wedding as a celebration of thanking our guests for being in our lives, or do we view this wedding as though we are the guests of honor? As a wedding photographer, my first thought is always to understand how a newly engaged couple wants their wedding day to feel. The overall vibe of the day that you envision should impact almost every decision you make. It is the overall purpose of the party you are planning. Contrary to what most would think, each couple has a different purpose for planning their wedding day, and it can greatly vary.

How your Vendors can Help

As vendors, we need to assist couples in discovering what their dream day may look like to them! A great vendor should go through all of your options and what they can provide. The vendor’s options and services should vary based on how you envision your wedding day, your overall budget, and your overall purpose for the day. Aligning these three things is something a wedding planner can help you achieve!

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