How to Eliminate Wedding Planning Stress

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Your Partner gets on one Knee and pops the Question

Your Instagram page blows up with the announcement post. The feels rush in and it is suddenly real. You are getting married. A month passes and you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and lost while wedding planning. Suddenly you have to step into the role of a wedding planner and you didn’t even know it. There is no “Wedding Planning Education” rule book. The wedding stress has overcome you and your fiance. I am here to help you eliminate your wedding planning stress and save you time! Take a breather, I’ve got you.

Consider a Day-of Coordinator

  • Consider hiring a wedding day-of coordinator, planner, or have a family member or friend help.

I highly recommend wedding coordinators if you have a wedding bigger than 60 guests. They will basically take all of your “perfect day” stress away because, in fact, it will be near perfect with their help! They communicate and organize all of your vendors and keep everything moving on track throughout your actual day. If you don’t hire a professional be sure to establish your expectations for your family member or friend! They need to know HOW they can help. If you decide not to hire or have any family members help coordinate the wedding timeline often falls back on your wedding photographer which can result in fewer wedding photos in your heirloom at the end of the day! I highly recommend getting someone to plan or help coordinate! If you’d like not to stress on your wedding day please invest in one! They are totally worth it.

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The right Vendors will Know how to Guide you

  • Hire vendors that can help guide you in the right direction and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Your vendors should be knowledgeable and be willing to help. The vendors did choose this career. They WANT to help you eliminate your wedding planning stress. They should be able to recommend tips, tricks, answer questions you have, and recommend other vendors you need. You’re paying a lot of money and your vendors should understand you’re excited (as they should be too!) so you’re going to come with lots of questions. It’s normal! We are here to help sort through them and reassure you that your day is taken care of! The right wedding vendors will be more than happy to help you with any of your concerns and give you a sense of relief. 

to do list for your wedding stress free wedding tips and education

Let’s be real…

  • The sooner you finish wedding planning the sooner you can relax.

Let’s get to it. The best way to eliminate wedding planning stress is to just get it done. The truth about your wedding is that the sooner you get all of your details in place and your vendors booked you will feel so much less stressed and overwhelmed. Especially because you will know your favorite vendors are going to be there! Helloooo this is my next point!

wedding vendors tips choosing your vendors and how to wedding plan stress free

When you Know you Know, so why wait?

  • Book your favorite wedding vendors as far in advance as possible.

Many vendors can book up to 18 months in advance. I know, I know, it’s crazy. I have gotten inquiries for two years in advance before! The brides and grooms are now trying to get the wedding planning over and relieve the wedding stress nowadays. 

wedding coordinator helps with wedding details and planning a stress free wedding

Set up a date night

  • Set up a date with a family member or friend every other week to discuss the wedding.

This is a great way to make wedding planning fun! Because what’s a better excuse than to go out with your mom or bestie every other week? Haha! This helps you stay organized, on track, keeps you not thinking about your wedding until this date every other week, and also gives you some time to de-stress by hanging out with your friend or family member. If you’re feeling really organized maybe even keep a “Wedding binder” full of tabs and organizers! This is a great idea for those Type-A brides or grooms!! This helps relieve stress and also allows you to remember you have a specific time to think about all wedding things. Therefore it shouldn’t interrupt your life! Each time you feel yourself getting nerved up about the wedding you can remind yourself you have a specific time to think about it.

planning a stress free luxury wedding and choosing your wedding coordinator and wedding planner

Create a to-do list

  • Keep a wedding planning To do list.

If you create due dates for certain things and when you’ll book what vendors by etc. this will help reduce a lot of your wedding stress so that you know you are on the right track! (I actually have a wedding planning checklist if you send me an email and ask for it. It is free!) Vendors book up. They won’t keep reminding you that you need to book. They might just book up before you pay your deposit. Be sure you’re on top of the vendors you want to hire! Or hey if you’re the offbeat bride or groom having a Caribbean elopement maybe you only have a couple of vendors to hire!

If you’re ready to read more about reducing your stress this post is about saving time with sending your wedding invitations so you can have more time and send them out quickly while also loving how they look!


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