The Why behind being a Classic Detroit Wedding Photographer

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I never would have guessed I would later become a classic Detroit Wedding Photographer

Whether you’re from Michigan or you just admire spending time in the D there is something so charming about the city of Detroit. There is most definitely no denying that! If you have found yourself in the ever classic downtown Detroit you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Growing up I always looked up to Detroit as the city of magic. It is filled with so many wonderful memories of concerts, Detroit Tigers and Pistons games with my family, and roaming the streets for the best coffee shops. (My all time favorite is DOCR!) It does not come as a shock to me that I returned to Detroit after moving to Nashville during high school.

classic Detroit Wedding Photographer Faith Rowley posing in Downtown Detroit Michigan with buildings surrounding her

Passed down Stories of Detroit

I still would have never guessed I would later be photographing all over the city as a classic Detroit wedding photographer until I found value in the stories I was told. As a child I would hold admiration for the old stories my grandparents shared about living in the heart of Detroit’s neighborhoods. There is something about the passed down stories we hear from our family that I know I will later tell my children. My parents always warned me of the danger that lived in Detroit and it wasn’t until I was a bit older until I could fully explore it for myself. 

Stories hold Power

Stories have the power to create action. I looked at Detroit as this mysterious but charming city that always intrigued me. The stories I had heard about the dangerous parts of Detroit held me back from exploring. (I no longer let fear hold me back which happens to be another topic I am passionate about, however, Detroit has also become a bit more safe too.) Once I became more familiar with the city and my favorite coffee shops and spots I fell in love with the city. When they say “Detroit vs. Everybody” they mean it. The city is one of those that is strong, bold, and simply classic. Hearing the stories of what was once the hopping motor city as a kid sparked my initial infatuation.

classic Detroit Wedding Photographer Faith Rowley poses in front of san morello restaurant Downtown Detroit nearby the Shinola hotel

Finding a Passion within Myself for Storytelling

I later found stories to be one of my favorite things to share and listen to. Stories bring people together. Combine loving the classic photographs of Detroit and my love for passed down stories and that is one of the very reasons I chose to become a classic Detroit Wedding Photographer. 

If you’re in search for a Michigan wedding Photographer

If you are in search of a Detroit engagement session or planning your wedding day in Detroit or Michigan I would be honored to talk with you about photographing your wedding day in Metro Detroit.

Click here to read my about section and learn further about how Faith Rowley Photos came to life.


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