Top Detroit Locations for Wedding Party Photos

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Top Locations in Detroit for Wedding Photography

There are many great locations to take those classic Detroit wedding party photos that everyone loves. The biggest challenge is knowing how to maneuver the city, get permits or permission, and planning how to execute a smooth transition from your wedding ceremony to the reception. It is important to be able to rally up your wedding party from going to each location and keeping them on track with your wedding day timeline. It is easy to get turned around in the city of Detroit when you don’t know where you are headed and when. With the help of this article you’ll leave feeling confident in how to pull off those epic downtown Detroit wedding photos.

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Getting Permission for Detroit’s Best Wedding Photography Locations

Let’s dive right into some of the most well known and classic as ever Detroit locations for wedding party photos. The top spots that call for a permit or permission and included is their contact information:

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Additional Top Spots in the City

There are a handful of more locations to look into if you’re going for those classic Detroit wedding photos. Down below are a few to reach out to that we are unsure of the permissions needed but included is their contact information.

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Top Detroit Wedding Party Locations that Don’t Require a Permit

It isn’t often that photography locations in Detroit don’t require a permit. With that being said, when you do visit these locations be sure to do your part and leave no trace. If the locations are indoor we still suggest you reach out to the contacts listed to ensure it is okay you photograph there. Here are some beautiful spots around the city that you won’t need permits for:

Pulling off Taking your Wedding Party Photos in the City

The best and in my expert wedding photographer opinion (haha) way to maneuver the city of Detroit is by a shuttle bus! First, before reaching out to a party bus company create a schedule of how long each location will take and when you’ll need to move from location to location. As a result, this allows yourself, bridesmaids or groomsmen, and new spouse to be able to let loose and release control to a driver that knows the city best. Reach out to a local shuttle bus or party bus company that knows the city well and can get you to each location smoothly that you need to be and is able to pick and drop you off at the times you’ll need.

Get those Classic Downtown Detroit Wedding Party Photos 

Check out this blog on the 40 Top Unique Detroit wedding venues or here for why I chose to become a classic Detroit wedding photographer. Click here if you’re looking for a classic detroit wedding photographer to photograph your day.


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