Standing out with Bold Bowties

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This is the 411 on the best bowties. So whether you’re a groomsman, groom, bride wearing a pantsuit, or someone just wanting to get a little fancy-schmancy, you’re in luck because you’ve hit the jackpot on bold and fun bowties! This will tell you all about standing out with bold bowties and how to even tie them.

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Standing out with a Bold Bowtie

Whether you are looking to add a bowtie to your tuxedo, your suit, your waistcoat, or your pants suit has you covered. They offer four types of bow ties that work with each individual; “the Butterfly”, “the Classic”, “the Narrow”, and “the Diamond Tip”. Something I love adding in on the groom’s detail photos is funky bowties. You cannot go wrong with a quirky and fun bowtie. They show personality and spice things up. They are sure to make your groomsmen stand out or your sophisticated pantsuit really make a statement on your wedding day. So skip the Men’s Warehouse Bowties that everyone wears and make your wedding day one to remember!

How to Tie a Bowtie

You ordered a bowtie and now you don’t even know how to tie it. We’ve got you. The right end needs to lay about 1.5 inches lower than the left end. The second step is to cross the two ends. Crossing the longer end over the shorter end. Putting the longer end through the neck hole and adjusting the tie for what feels most comfortable. Flip the longer end over your shoulder and double the shorter end at the widest part so that it looks like a bow and lays horizontal. While holding your bow with one hand grab the end that you laid over your shoulder and pull it down over the center of the bow shape with your free hand.

So far it should look like a bow tie from looking at the front of you. Pull the two sides of the bow together with one of your hands; pinch them and pull. This will create a hole behind your bow. Use your other hand to create a second bow with the longest end of the tie by doubling it like the first bow. By moving the bow through the hole you should be able to grab the folded ends of each bow to make the knot of the bow tie as tight as you would like. TADAH! You can now master your bowtie.

Making your Bowtie even more Classy

If you’re really skilled it makes it even more unique and classy to tie it without a mirror. Because while photographing a classy and luxury wedding one day a father of the groom once said, “Every man ties a bowtie in his own way and that is exactly what makes a bowtie so classy.” Those words have never left me!

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Surprise your Fiance or Groomsmen with Matching Socks

If your groomsmen are standing out with your bowties you probably could use some socks that stand out too. even offers funky matching socks! How cool? Do you recognize that face up there? That is Jack and me! We happened to love their succulent socks. is the largest retailer of ties and bowties. They have been featured with Forbes, Huffington Post, GQ, The Washington Post, and Business Insider!

I only share the best with you of course. So if you’re loving my advice on standing out with your bowties… you just might love my favorite wedding invite company. Head on over to read on how they can save you time and save your stress for things that matter more!


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