Covid-19 Virus Outbreak | What to do about your Wedding Day

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Before we begin, I think it is important we all take a big deep breath. This is hurting us all in some way but we can find the good in the Covid-19 Virus outbreak even when it seems hard to. So remember in the midst of it all there is good in this too. We are all doing the very best we can do. If you’re feeling panicky, peaceful, or concerned, know that we are all in this together.

What am I Adjusting because of Covid-19?

I will be washing my hands a million times more and following the safety precautions that are recommended by the CDC. I will be doing everything I can to stay healthy so that I can serve you just the same as I would prior to this. If for some reason I fell ill, I have a community of photographers around the country that I am backed by and dearly trust.

On my end, everything will be the same. I will be allowing couples to move their wedding dates if the Coronavirus will be affecting their wedding day or wedding guests for no extra fees (Normally it would be a new retainer that would need to be paid. For this instance, I am waiving that fee.) This is for Spring Weddings only at this point. Please discuss with me if you have a situation in which your wedding falls on a Summer or Fall date and needs to be considered.

Things to Consider for your Safety

There are many things to keep in mind and consider. Some venues are legally having to cut their guest capacity by 50% by law. Check with them about this or research your state or county’s updates. Weddings are large and include large crowds so if you have guests traveling in they may no longer be able to attend your wedding and if they are still able to come you may risk them being vulnerable while traveling and catching the virus.

How can we ensure we don’t lose money?

It is very important to talk with your wedding vendors and venue about your options and if you are able to switch dates if that is your choice. Explain your thoughts and work through it with them. They have policies and plans of actions in place for things that come up like this. Pick up the phone and just get on a call. It will make you feel way better and will allow you to relax again once you have a plan of action for your wedding day because of the Covid-19 Virus Outbreak.

What do I do if I am going to have my wedding soon?

The top priority should be to speak directly to your guests. Gently let them know if they feel any sort of sickness or illness that they should stay home to keep everyone safe. Voice your concerns with all who are invited to your day. If you feel that you should cut your guest count in half or so that is always an option to create a smaller event and have less of a chance that the virus is brought and spread.

The Next Step to Adjusting Wedding Planning Sails

Step One: Talk with your wedding planner, venue, and other vendors. Confirm their policies and plan of action.

Step Two: Decide whether you’d like to postpone your wedding or keep the date of your wedding. Confirm your “new” date works for all of your vendors. You will most likely have to sign updated contracts if you change dates.

Step Three: If you chose to keep your wedding date get in direct communication with all of your guests about the plan as well as inform them not to come if they feel ill at all. Also, decide if you are keeping your full guest count.

Step Four: Keep watch on the CDC recommendations, ensure your venue will have sanitizers all over, and stay in touch with your vendors. Stay informed with the news to ensure this Covid-19 virus outbreak does not get worse.

If you’re working through your options and would like to read more on this read this article for more steps to take. If you’re wanting to relieve some stress read about standing out in a bold bowtie!


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